Indivisible weekly update


We’re keeping it short and sweet this week: Congress is still out on August recess, which means now is a great time for you to hold events at home to demand action on your priorities.

That means telling your members of Congress that you expect them to Defund Hate by cutting funding to ICE and CBP, open an impeachment inquiry, and pass legislation to reduce gun violence. But don’t worry, we’ve got resources to help you with each of those priorities:

  1. Tips and tactics for planning a Defund Hate action
  2. A really useful one-stop-shop for Impeachment August
  3. A call script to demand that Mitch McConnell and the Senate vote on legislation to make it harder for people to exploit loopholes that make it too easy to get a hold of deadly guns

And don’t forget: when Congress gets back to DC (on September 9!), they’re sure to have a packed agenda. That means that right now is your best chance to make it clear what you expect of them this fall, before they get overtaken by another Trump-driven news cycle.

Here’s what we’re focused on:

 Your 6 weekly to-dos

  1. Get ready for the September funding fight by texting Defund Hate to 977-79. We’ll send you the latest updates on our plan for the Week of Action, and we’ll let you know when events are registered near you.
  2. Call your member of Congress right now to tell them you demand that they cut funding for ICE and CBP in this September’s funding bill. We’ll give you a script and connect you directly with your representative’s office.
  3. Get up-to-speed using our Defund Hate toolkit with guidance on planning an August recess event (great practice for the September Week of Action!) or laying the groundwork for your local September day of action. We’ve even got a leave-behind you can print and use to guide your conversations with your Members of Congress and their staff.
  4. This August, demand your representative publicly support a formal impeachment inquiry in the House. Impeachment August is well underway! The ask is simple: find a town hall or register your own district office visit and demand that your representative in the House support a formal impeachment inquiry. A majority of House Democrats support an inquiry, but we need as many on board as possible to ensure that we learn the truth about Trump’s abuses of power and corruption.
  5. Use this script to call your senators now to say their thoughts and prayers are not enough. In the weeks since the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, three more plots to commit acts of mass murder have been foiled. This is a crisis: every senator should publicly demand Mitch McConnell call an emergency session to debate and vote on gun violence prevention legislation AND cosponsor S. 42, which would close loopholes and implement universal background checks for gun purchases. Read more in our updated resource here.
  6. Register for the September monthly activist call. Join us for our next activist call on Thursday, September 5 at 8pm Eastern Time / 5pm Pacific Time, to get the latest updates on Defund Hate, the 2020 race and more!

Indivisible news and to-do, June 23-29


In the past week, we’ve seen more of Trump’s cruelty in action and it continues to put families across the country in danger.

Last week, Trump announced on Twitter that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would be conducting raids to deport “millions” of undocumented people. A transparent attempt to try to vilify immigrants in the run-up to the 2020 election, it’s clear that Trump’s 2020 playbook for the next year and a half will be to use all the resources at his disposal to go after the same communities that he’s been attacking since day one of his campaign.

But we are not powerless to fight back. Trump is asking Congress for billions of additional dollars in a “supplemental” funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which includes money for ICE and Customs and Border Protection, which carry out his detention and deportation activities. To their credit, Democrats are trying to respond as responsibly as they can, offering to give DHS additional money to deal with the border crisis. The fundamental problem, however, is that DHS does not need more money (read that again)! It has enough resources to continue to caging families and individuals in record numbers and conduct nationwide raids.

Despite any earmarking attempts by well-intended Democrats, Trump will use any extra money Congress gives him to round up families and terrorize communities. We need Congress to say no to any additional money to carry out Trump’s hateful immigration agenda; you can read our updated resource here for the latest (and check out the to-dos below for a call script).

And Trump was not done there. In addition to ramping up his politically motivated attacks on immigrants, reports suggest that Trump brought us to the brink of war with Iran before pulling back at the last moment. Make no mistake: a new war with Iran would be an illegal disaster.

But we haven’t reached this point by accident; we’re here because Trump, aided by the war cabinet that he and Senate Republicans put together, has been escalating tensions with Iran for months in an almost Iraq War 2.0 fashion. Congress needs to do everything they can to stop a new war with Iran. Check out our resource to see exactly how you can make them do just that. You can learn more in our resource here.

As always there’s a lot going on, so here are the most effective ways for you to exercise your power this week:

 Your 5 weekly to-dos

  1. Keep the pressure up on your MoC while they’re home to open an impeachment inquiry. We’ve got all the tools you’ll need to make it clear to your member of Congress (MoC) that they need to use all the power available to them to hold Trump accountable and get to the truth of his administration’s abuses. July 4 recess is your time to shine — make a call (and write a letter to the editor, and record a video, and more) using the resources in the link above, and keep your eyes peeled for more in the days to come.
  2. Tell your MoC not to give Trump another dime for his deportation machine. Money for Trump’s DHS is money for increased levels of detention, deportation, and abuse of human rights — period. Tell your MoC that if they oppose Trump’s attacks on immigrant communities, they also need to oppose his supplemental funding request for DHS.
  3. Demand that your MoC act to stop a war with Iran. Trump is ratcheting up tensions with Iran, with the members of his war cabinet urging him forward at every opportunity. MoCs are not powerless to stop this, though; call your Representative and Senators and tell them to co-sponsor H.R. 2354 / S. 1039 to explicitly deny him this authority, and make a public statement making clear that Congress has not authorized the use of any military force against Iran.
  4. Check out our Debate Watch Guide to outline many of the topics you care about. In our guide, you’ll have worksheets to rate and grade candidates on, and a bit of analysis and insider baseball on each candidate/issue from our Political Team. So whether you want to plan your own party, attend one of the many events already on our map, or just follow along at home, you’ll be totally prepared.
  5. Opt-in to our exclusive Indivisible Focus Group by texting DEBATES to 977-79. We want to capture the Indivisible movement’s take on the debates as soon as they’re over — which means we’ll need an exclusive focus group that we’ll text right after each debate ends (11pm ET) and ask you how you feel.

 RSVP for a Local Presidential Debate Watch Party!

The debates are right around the corner! This is our opportunity to put our IndiviStamp on the national conversation, and local groups are planning more than 140 watch parties across the country this Wednesday and Thursday. Here’s how you can take part:

First, click here to find your nearest debate watch party and RSVP 🥳Get excited for an evening in great company with fellow activists in your community.

Second, read up on the issues in our 2020 Grassroots Playbook 🤓 We’ve compiled everything you need to know about critical policies, and how you can keep track of where the candidates stand during the debates.

Last but not least, make your voice heard 📣 Let us know your thoughts during the debates by posting on social media with #IndivisibleDebates, and opt-in to our exclusive Indivisible Focus Group by texting DEBATES to 977-79.

 Presidential Launch! Need you.

Real quick, we just want to update you on our presidential program launch. Nearly 3,600 Indivisibles have already chipped in. That’s amazing!! And we’re hoping (and on track) to raise another $18,000 this month!

Every time we launch a new, exciting plan, we are blown away by how this movement rises to the challenge — and this time is no different. It’s grassroots donations that allow us to plot game-changing tools and tactics and then execute them like nobody’s business. No corporate money. No money from politicians. It’s because of this movement — pure and simple.

Our new presidential program could *really* use your support. Chip in $10, or whatever you can afford, to support Indivisible Action and help our most consequential plan yet (!!!) start as strong as possible.

Indivisible To-Do List, June 10 – 17

Across the country, Indivisible groups are turning the pressure up on your members of Congress (MoCs) to do their jobs and work for the people. And at every turn, you’re reminding them you’re paying attention and doing what Indivisibles do best: holding them accountable.

Indivisibles are showing up all over the country to demand their MoCs put country over politics and (finalllllly) begin impeachment proceedings. They’re demanding that the House Appropriations Committee holds strong to #DefundHate. And they’re making sure their representatives can’t forget how important prescription drug pricing is to American families (and why one solution on the table is better than the other!).

And what are Indivisibles doing when they aren’t doing, well, all of those things? They’ll be hosting super exciting Presidential Debate watch parties with their friends, families, and group members to make this a contest of big ideas.

We know that there’s a lot happening. So, let’s get to it.

 Your 5 weekly to-dos

  1. Sign up to attend a debate watch party for June 26-27. Indivisibles across the country will be gathering on June 26 and 27 in living rooms, restaurants, and bars to cheer on our candidates and push for a nominee who truly represents our values. Find an event with your local Indivisible chapter today or host your own an invite your friends!
  2. Keep up the heat and call on Congress to reject money for Trump’s deportation machine. The House Appropriations Committee will meet tomorrow, June 11, to mark up (meaning: debate and offer amendments to) the funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security, which houses the agencies that implement Trump’s mass deportation agenda. While there’s a lot of good news about the bill, the first draft of still gives Trump a $387 million slush fund that will be used to fuel his deportation machine. Call your Member of Congress (MoC) and urge them to reject this slush fund and #DefundHate.
  3. Show up for a Day of Action this Saturday, June 15, to demand an impeachment inquiry.  Donald Trump must be held accountable for his abuses of power, and Congress is the only one with the power to act—starting by launching an impeachment inquiry in the House Judiciary Committee. Join us and our partners in this nationwide day of action demanding Congress to fulfill its Constitutional obligation to conduct oversight by opening an impeachment inquiry. And don’t forget, everything you need to take action and demand Congress do the right thing (Call scripts! Videos! Letters to the Editor!) can be found at
  4. Tell your MoC to support H.R. 1046 to bring down prescription drug prices. House Democrats are very likely to act on legislation to lower prescription drug costs this summer, and they are currently considering two competing proposals for doing so. Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s H.R. 1046 is a much stronger approach than the alternative; click here to learn more about why it’s the right policy to solve this problem, then make a call to tell your MoC to co-sponsor this critical legislation.
  5. Take the We are Indivisible 2020 pledge. We’ve got 17 candidates and almost 30,000 grassroots activists signed up. But this simple ask will take all of us to uphold. So, if you haven’t already, take the pledge and add your name. And if your local group is ready to commit to our weekend of action in July 2020, register your event on the map here.

Northumberland Indivisible schedule and upcoming events of interest

First, a reminder that there will be no meeting on June 16 since it conflicts with Father’s Day.

Our schedule

Our next planned event is a showing of RBG – On the Basis of Sex 
  • Sunday, July 21
  • Northumberland Library, 7204 Northumberland Hwy, Heathsville
  • 3-5 PM
  • Everyone welcome, free

Our tentative calendar items:

  • 8/18 – Health Statistics for Northern Neck;
  • 9/15 – Possible candidate forum, topic to be announced – possibly health care
  • 10/20 – Voting issues
  • 11/17 – TBD

Voter Registration

Laurie Morissette and John Melton are conducting a Voter Registration drive:

  • 2nd and 4th Saturdays from now until November
  • 10am to 12 noon
  • in front of the Library.
  • Contact Laurie at to volunteer to help.
  • There will be additional voter registration activities between now and November.

In order to register voters, you must complete state training, which you can do in Heathsville:

  • Garry Ellis, NVRA/Voter Registration Coordinator of the Virginia Department of Elections,  is coming to our area to conduct state training.
  • This class will be held on July 8, 2019, 1:30 -3:30 PM, at the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office Training Room, located at 195 Judicial Place, Heathsville, VA  .   
  • If you want to take the voter registration training class, you MUST reserve a space.  Contact:    Kathy Davenport, Northumberland County  General Registrar/Director of Elections,   (804) 580-4655, or, by email at:
  • You also can register by contacting Joe Schlatter by email
  • You must register for this class not later than July 1, 2019.  
  • The training is also available online.  Info at:

Juneteenth Observance at Stratford Hall

Juneteenth Celebration at Stratford Hall is June 15; programs will run from 9:30am until evening.  Details available on their website. 

Virginia Democrats Gala in Richmond

VADemocrats Gala is being held in Richmond on the evening of June 15.  The event will feature at least two Democratic presidential candidates:  U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, and, Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Interracial Conversations

Interracial Conversations has an ambitious schedule for the next six months:
  • June 25 will be an open and frank discussion of Unconscious Bias with Ali Webb
  • July 23 Talking and Listening Without Hurt
  • August – dark
  • September 24 – Strategies for Getting Out the Vote
  • October – 22 – Jim Crow Laws and Practices
  • November 26 – The new Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration
  • All Interracial Conversations meetings are at Mt. Olive Baptist Church, 6749 Jesse DuPont Memorial Highway (Hwy 200); Potluck dinner at 5:30pm; program 6:00 – 7:30pm.

Pro-Choice “pop-up” demonstration

On Tuesday, May 21, as part of the nationwide efforts to stop state laws banning abortion,  we held a “pop-up” demonstration on the Montross Courthouse lawn.  About a dozen Indivisible supporters were there representing Northumberland and Westmoreland counties.   We were joined for the last 15 minutes by some young women who were driving by and thought it was important enough to stop.
We were pleased with the reception we received from people driving by — about one in three drivers who passed honked, waved, and gave us a thumbs-up.

Monday, Feb. 18, 2019: Mobilize against Trump’s phony, illegal “emergency notification”

On Monday, we mobilize.

Donald Trump has declared #FakeNationalEmergency.  Now, we’re mobilizing rapid-response events on Presidents Day—Monday, 2/18—against Trump’s fake crisis and racist deportation force and to stand with immigrant, Muslim, and Black and brown communities to stop Trump’s dangerous and illegal power grab. Find an event near you (or organize your own!) now.

Find an Event Near You Now

In our area:

Protest Trump’s Declaration of National Emergency

Monday, February 18 at 6 p.m.
Heather K.
Barnes and Noble Colonial Williamsburg
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Meet at 6pm in front of Barnes and Noble Merchants Square and leave in groups of 10-15 to protest Trump’s declaration of a National Emergency.

Sign up to Attend

Presidents Day Protest – Trump’s Declaration of National Emergency

Monday, February 18 at 4:30 p.m.
Heather A.
James City County Courthouse
Williamsburg, VA 23188
On February 18th, Presidents Day, people across our country will be coming together for an event directed by, “A Presidents Day Protest to Fight Trump’s Fake Crisis and Racist Deportation Force” . We will gather at the James City County Courthouse at 4:30 pm, where together with our signs, we will express our opinions about the “Trump’s undemocratic power grab to secure his racist border wall – Terrifyingly, this declaration could allow him to seize massive emergency powers to erode the foundations of our democracy, increase funding for more anti-immigrant policies, and launch more attacks on communities”. We will have lanterns at the location for visibility. NOVEMBER IS COMING!!!

Sign up to Attend

News round-up, Feb 16

This is important!!

The next federal census is in 2020 followed by 2021 in which all states — including Virginia — will redraw voting district lines for all legislative districts — federal (Senate and House) and state (Senate and House of Delegates).

Redistricting is done by the General Assembly and approved by the Governor.  This practice results in the party — Democratic or Republican — that controls the General Assembly drawing district lines to favor their candidates — a practice known as “gerrymandering.”

OneVirginia2021 is a non-partisan organization that proposes to amend the Virginia constitution to establish an independent commission to conduct redistricting, thereby ending the practice of gerrymandering.

Liz White, Deputy Director of OneVirginia2021, will speak:

  • Northumberland Indivisible meeting
  • 6:00 PM,  December 6
  • Northumberland Library, 7204 Northumberland Hwy,  Heathsville.

She will present the proposal for a constitutional amendment to remove the redistricting of legislative districts from the General Assembly, and assign the job to an independent commission.

This is an important matter; we urge EVERYONE to attend — invite a friend.  This is a non-partisan matter that should be supported by Republicans, Democrats, Independents and anyone else concerned about fair elections.

IMPORTANT: Virginia Gerrymandering presentation

As we all know, gerrymandering — the practice of shaping electoral districts to favor or dis-favor one political party over another — is a real threat to our democracy.  Virginia is one of the most gerrymandered states in the Union.

OneVirginia2021 is a group of concerned citizens, former and present elected officials and other individuals who want to change the way Virginia electoral districts are drawn.  Currently, the General Assembly draws district lines.  OneVirginia2021 plans to introduce an amendment to the Virginia Constitution that will establish an independent commission to draw district lines.

This is critical because — the 2020 federal census will result in re-drawing of district lines in 2021 — both state General Assembly districts and federal Congressional districts.

On THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, Liz White from OneVirginia2021 will describe their plans for the 2019 General Assembly session and their strategy to move Virginia to using an independent commission for redistricting.


  • Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • 6:00 PM
  • Northumberland Public Library, 7204 Northumberland Hwy
Visit the OneVirginia2021  website for more information including:  latest redistricting news; upcoming events; and details about gerrymandering and redistricting.