Northern Neck Indivisible groups being slandered on Republican websites

An anonymous individual is posting comments to a popular Republican blog accusing “Indivisable” (sic) groups of being behind the distribution of KKK recruiting flyers at a few locations in Northern Virginia and on the Northern Neck.

One of the more popular Virginia Republican blogs is “Bearing Drift.”  Recently, on of the BD authors posted an article titled “The Virginia GOP’s Post-Stewart Future.”

Bearing Drift allows comments on their articles.  In the comments on the “Post-Stewart” article, the issue was raised of KKK recruiting flyers being distributed in some neighborhoods.

An individual using the anonymous screen name “SJane” posted two comments accusing “Indivisable”  (sic) groups of being behind the KKK flyers.  “SJane’s” two comments are quoted below.

— quote, first comment

IF Republicans sit on their thoughts and hands and DO NOT Vote in Nov. 2018 Election for the Republican candidate vs Tim Kaine, then Virginia deserves what they get.
Oct. 1, 2018 KKK Pamphlets were left by LEFT leaning group, in driveways in Tappahannock, Essex County to create fear, anger, and outrage by neighbors. Review this on GOOGLE… KKK leaves invitation packets for one Tappahannock neighbor – FOX 61 came out an interviewed neighbors.
IF the Liberal/Democrats are allowed to dissolve a process for fairness, decency, and the right of US Citizens to Vote for a candidate of their choice…Everyone loses, especially the US Citizen..

— end quote, first comment

— quote, second comment

Those in the area Essex/Northumberland are suspecting a group called “Indivisables” …this is an apparent stunt they have pulled previously…can’t prove it at this date…

— end quote, second comment

Of course, it is impossible to stop lies like these, especially in this political atmosphere in which Republicans use The Big Lie to promote themselves and to demonize their opponents.

We are posting this here for your information.