Indivisible Northumberland

Indivisible Northumberland is committed to preserving and promoting the values of our democratic republic for the common good.

Indivisible Northumberland is an all-inclusive grassroots community of citizens from diverse backgrounds who support these principles:

  • That which unites us is stronger than those who would divide us.
  • Each of us bears a social, moral, ethical, and political responsibility to ensure fair treatment of all including equal access to jobs, education, health care, and security.
  • We must be especially vigilant to protect all those on the margins of our society.
  • We have a moral duty to leave a better world to future generations.
  • Everyone should play by the same rules.

Our principles compel us to take these actions:

  • Welcome people of all backgrounds.
  • Work with organizations and individuals who seek to protect and advance progressive ideas.
  • Treat others with dignity, respect, inclusiveness, and nonviolence in speech and behavior, especially those with whom we disagree.
  • Be relentless in action; speak truth to power.
  • Hold our elected representatives accountable for their decisions.
  • Denounce special privileges that favor the well-connected or the wealthy.
  • Support actions that ensure clean air, clean water, and a clean environment for this and future generations.