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This page contains links to editorial commentary on current topics.  Some of the linked pages are original to Indivisible Northumberland, others are from other sources.

Whose Heritage:  Public Symbols of the Confederacy

This article is one of the most important recently written about the issues of the Confederate statues.  What sets this article apart is that it hits head-on the myth of the “Lost Cause” — the idea that the Civil War was not about slavery and that the South was home to genteel aristocrats.

The Trump-Russia Timeline.

Trump has called the investigation into Russian interference on the 2016 election a “witch hunt.”  When the investigation expanded to include his financial ties to Russia and the Russian mob, he doubled down on his criticism.  Study the Trump-Russia Timeline and decide for yourself if this is a “witch hunt.”

How Republicans are hurting their own red state, poor and rural supporters by strangling the Affordable Care Act.

The sad truth of the matter is Republicans are so cynical that they would purposely hurt their own constituents to try to get political advantage and create bad news stories about the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or, Obamacare).  Republicans purposefully broke Obamacare and purposefully hurt their own constituents for political advantage.  People are suffering, but it is not from Obamacare.  They are suffering because the Republicans purposefully hurt them.  The people most hurt by them gutting the risk corridors were their own red state, rural, and poor voters and Trump voters.