“Dialogue” is not the answer

Perhaps nothing is more core to liberal beliefs than the idea that dialogue will bring people together. If only we can come together and talk out our problems and if only we can educate people about the world, they will make decisions based on tolerance. The Trump administration has forced liberals to realize their core beliefs don’t reflect American reality. I don’t brag in noting this. But the fact is that Democratic core beliefs and what many non-Democrats though were basic facts,  do not apply in Trump worl.d.

This Jimmy Kimmel piece where he introduces Trump supporters to an actual Dreamer family, a woman with a baby married to a conservative law enforcement officer, is useful in demonstrating that  reality does not change people’s minds. The people in this video just don’t care. They tell her to her face that she should be deported. That’s what we face. These people simply are indifferent to the life of this woman and the fate of her family.  These people believe Trump’s nonsense.  These people want a white America.

That doesn’t mean that education and dialogue lacks value. There are lots of people on the fence about issues or who simply don’t know what is going on; dialogue and education can help some of these.

But dialogue is not the answer in the face of evil. Only power will defeat evil, and, the Republican Party is the center of evil in the US.   Democrats, progressives and liberals continue to take a stack of note cards to a gunfight.  If history teaches us anything it is the simple fact the evil responds only to power — not to reason, to logic, or to dialogue.  We must annihilate the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, ICE continues with its ethnic cleansing.