Resources for Citizen Activists

While it’s exciting to be a “citizen activist,” it helps to be organized, know what you are talking about and know how to get your message across.  These resources will help you make your voice heard.  Several of these resources are in PDF form to be downloaded and printed for your reference and use.

The Indivisible Guide:  A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.

How to Write Letters to the Editor That Really Get Attention.

Stop TrumpCare Toolkit

Act Locally.  This site has a search function that allows you to enter a ZIP code and search for nearby Indivisible groups.

The Activist Toolkit — good information here.  Site is well-organized, however, you need to spend some time reading this site — lots of info, tips, and how-to.

Organizing for Power, Organizing for Change.  This site is a collection of checklists, how-to, advice, examples, and the like.

Send a fax to your Senators and Representatives — it’s free.

Automated faxes from your cell phone to your member(s) of Congress.

Sign up here for daily action alerts on your phone.

FactPower:  fast facts on many issues; use these in your phone calls and letters.

More to come as we find other resources.